Congrats Lindsey- Our first Gemma Jewel!

We are incredibly excited to announce our first Gemma Jewel, Lindsey Hance & a special discount brought to you by Lindsey!

The Gemma Shop is based on pushing through the fear of the unknown in order to accomplish a bigger dream and we wanted to hear other stories! So we created the Gemma Jewel where people are nominated to be showcased on our site for accomplishing something amazing in their life and are inspiring others!   Not only will they be featured on the site but you will benefit too because they select their favorite item which will be offered at a promotion for a limited time!  Check out our original blog post here.

So we received some amazing nominations and picked Lindsey as our new Gemma Jewel! Don’t worry, other nominations did not walk away empty handed.  You all are inspirational!

Now it’s time to meet Lindsey Hance (left) and her sweet sister, Alli (right).


When Alli (sister to Lindsey) saw our post, she jumped on it immediately! She is so inspired by her sister that it is contagious.  Here are some exerpts from Alli’s email:

“The summer of 2013, Lindsey took a big leap of faith by quitting her familiar corporate career to join the family business. Lindsey accepted a new job as the low man on the totem pole. She was left to use her resources to learn an industry she really knew nothing about.  Some family businesses you can use your linage as a way to work your way to the top – it doesn’t work that way in ours.  You have to prove yourself.  Not only to our dad and grandfather, but to everyone else involved.  Being the boss’s daughter requires you to prove yourself that much more. It’s an uphill battle.”


“During this time Lindsey showed vulnerability, a eagerness to learn, and her work ethic.  She was a sponge. She learned the printing industry from the ground up.  Nothing speaks more true to this that than the progress she has made in the last three years.  She has gone from being extremely green about the industry, to learning it, working with and being mentored by another sales representative in the business, to acquiring her own accounts to maintain and develop additional business.  She’s done this with grace and finesse.  I couldn’t be more proud of the way she has seamlessly integrated herself into our family business earning the respect of clients, coworkers and vendors alike.  I hope we continue to inspire each other, continue to take risks, and continue to chase after our dreams”

So we couldn’t wait to talk to Lindsey and asked her the below questions:lindsey3

What is your story told by you?

Immediately after college, I moved comfortably into a role that was identical to my internship at local hospital.  It was an easy transition.  I was a sponge soaking in as much as I could and I had a vertical career path. I was growing at a fairly rapid pace once I accepted the position after graduation.  I stayed in the position for 8 years, but was becoming very stagnate in my day to day operations.

My mom, (who does not work at the family business) approached me about getting involved with the company, but I was hesitant because the thought had never crossed my mind about leaving my current position, or working with  my family on a day to day basis.  A few months went by and a position became available under the top account manager within the organization, I took a leap of faith and decided to go in for an interview.  After the interview I realized, I was about to leave my comfort zone.  Let’s be honest, even though I was being interviewed, it was a done deal at that point, I couldn’t back out of a job offer from my own family business.  I knew that the transition was going to happen, and it was going to happen quickly.

There were days that I left the office confused and frustrated, because I had completely left my security blanket in HR, and moved into an entirely new setting.  There was a learning curve I had to overcome.   Working for the family business has been challenging, but more than anything it’s been so very rewarding

What was your driving force to your decision?

I always am a person who looks for signs, and the position that was available, was under someone who I knew I could learn a lot from, and help me understand the business, but also grow within the organization.


What was your greatest fear?

My biggest fear going into the family business was being with my family 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. We are a close family, but I realized that was going to be A LOT of family time, more than my normal interaction which was every Sunday, at family dinner.  I didn’t want working at the family business to interfere with my family dynamics, and it has proven to only make us stronger.

What advice would you give someone making a decision like yours?

I would always encourage someone to take a leap of faith if they are willing to put forth the effort and adapt to change.  Also, never act entitled.  Make sure you are being treated the same way as any other associate within the organization.  Earn your respect, and it will come back to you 10 fold.  It’s amazing how much people are willing to help you, if you are vulnerable and willing to learn from them.

Now, to the best part, shopping! What is your favorite item from the shop and why?

My favorite Gemma Shop item is the cold shoulder basic top.  I like that it’s a bit edgy, but I can still dress it up and put my own style with accessories! I can’t wait to wear this out with my girlfriends and be able to tell everyone it’s from my favorite boutique, the Gemma Shop!





The above cold shoulder top is now available to you at a special price of $20 (original price $34.90)- valid 5.27-5.31.

Lindsey, you rock! Keep doing great things and inspiring others!

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