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We are so excited to announce our first donation drive for women’s clothing! January is the best time of year to clean out your closet and give a fresh restart! Why not give your loved pieces to a woman in need?

Back in November, I posted closet clean out tips on Instagram and I received a lot of requests about donations asking the best place to donate. (Closet clean out tips are saved on our highlights on Instagram!) While there are so many wonderful charities out there and we have so many charities our customers are passionate about, we decided to do this clothing drive for Faith Mission Homeless Shelter. Faith Mission is located in downtown Columbus and has helped out so many homeless men, women and children get back on their feet.

I found out about Faith Mission through their partner, Choices. Choices is a shelter for women and children who are seeking shelter after domestic violent situations. The Gemma Shop has donated clothing to Choices before but they only accept new clothing items. Since the majority of the clothing for our donation drive will be gently used, we felt Faith Mission would be a better fit! However, if Faith Mission comes across clothing items that would be a good fit for Choices, they will pass the item along!

Faith Mission is a 501 c. 3 organization so you can write off your donation. Please make sure you know the value of your donation at the time of drop off and we can retrieve a receipt for you upon request. We will be taking donations from the 23rd-27th and dropping off all donations on Monday the 28th.

A lot of times after we donate clothing or make a financial contribution, we often wonder, how will our donations be utilized?

When a person checks into Faith Mission, they are given a ticket. This ticket will grant them specifics on the type of clothing they can receive. The donation center has all of the clothing and other items sorted by size where the person can pick up their allocated items. All items received are truly donated to those in the shelter. They do not have to pay anything and none of the clothes will be re-sold.

Among many things, Faith Mission provides a safe shelter, hot meals and services for the homeless. They help them get back on their feet while being treated fairly and with dignity. Learn more about Faith Mission here.

At The Gemma Shop, the purpose of this donation drive is to help those in need. We are purely serving as the place to drop off and we will deliver all the donations for you. With the basis of making women feel good at The Gemma Shop, we love how women of Gemma will make more women feel good. Any specific questions, shoot us an email or message us on social media!



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