About Us

Hey there!

Welcome to The Gemma Shop! I'm Lauren, owner of The Gemma Shop! 

I get asked all the time, is your name Gemma? Do you have a child name Gemma? Where does the name come from??

Gemma is a name that I wanted to represent my customer, the experience in the shop and why we exist. Gemma, is Italian for Gem and it's reflective of what I want the shop to emulate. 

When you think of gems, the next word you think of is special! When I think of my customers, I want every customer that walks through our physical or virtual doors to feel special!

We also keep our inventory very focused and ever evolving so the assortment stays special! We occassionally restock but we are typically on to the next new style!

Gemma is also special because of our location. We are located in Uptown Westerville, off the main drag where it feels like a hidden gem in the city!

Prior to opening the shop, I was a buyer for corporate retail for 8 years for brands you probably own in your closet! I loved the core of my job but I always wanted entrepreneurship, I just never thought it would be possible! I finally decided to take a complete leap of faith and open Gemma.  It started off online only for the first year while also holding pop up shops around the Columbus area.  I would rent out empty shop spaces and set up the shop for a very short period of time- like 3 days!! I loved it and had so much fun popping around to different areas of town.

Finally after almost a year of pop ups, I decided it was time to lock down a permanent space!! Thankfully, a charming space was available in Uptown Westerville in an old home converted into a retail space!

We are now going on 4 years in business this year and 3 years in our brick and mortar! I couldn't be more grateful for all of YOU and the love you have for the shop!!