Shipping Policy


After your order is placed, please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed and shipped out.  

You will receive your tracking number once the label is created.

Please note, once the item has been dropped off at the post office, it is no longer the responsibility of The Gemma Shop.  If your package is lost, please work with the post office on retrieving your package utilizing your tracking number.

Make sure you send your package somewhere it will be safe! We would hate to see any customer experience a stolen package.  Please note The Gemma Shop is not responsble for stolen packages.


Orders can be picked up in store Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2-4pm. Please let us know when you are coming so we can have your bag hanging outside the shop for a no contact pick up! 

Your bag can be picked up in the back of Gemma.  Pull up to our parking lot and your bag will be hanging out our mailbox facing the parking lot for a no contact pick up.

To arrange a special pick up time, please contact us with your order number at